the future of MM

I’m sorry that I’m not blogging about my Japan trip yet. It will take some time so I’m trying to settle other things first. Haha…like visiting blogs and reading fan gossip.

The future of MM seems to be pretty bleak. One incident after another. First it was Mari, then Aibon, then Nono, now Mikitty. The leadership torch has been passed down quite a few times in such a short period.

Mikitty’s case is similar to Mari’s. She was spotted and photographed by a tabloid magazine (aka trashy mag) with her boyfriend. She admitted to the news and has since decided to step down from her leadership post in MM. She will still be part of GAM and H!P.

I really don’t know if I should be excited now since Ai-chan has taken the role of leader and Gaki-san, the role of sub-leader. My 2 favourite MM girls.

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