one can never be too careful

Still waiting for the Golf & Mike PV to complete downloading. While waiting, I’m checking out blogs and listening to 嵐 belt out “Love So Sweet” on winamp. Suddenly, I have the urge to blog.

Nyanyanya…I’m so not blogging about the Japan trip yet. *evil laugh*

Again, I left things to the last minute. Actually not on purpose but coz I didn’t freakin’ read ALL the contents in the envelope. By the time I realised I had to send back the orange form to get my I-20, I had wasted about 2+ months. So I sent it out quickly, figuring that clever me had got everything sorted out. Timing would be perfect. Go for Japan trip. Come home, open letter box and jajang! I-20 form sitting in the letter box.

Well, I would have been clever had I remind myself that “all things that can go wrong, WILL go wrong”. It states on the form that my first name is “Zai-yu” and middle name is “Elisia”. Wait a minute…I always thought my first name is “Elisia” and I don’t have a middle name. However, thinking that if I don’t put in my chinese name which is stated in my passport, the school might deny my attendance. So, I enrolled with first name “Elisia” and middle name “Zai-yu”. Of course my name would then be read as “Phua Elisia Zai-yu”, wrong order but at least all 3 names would be there. Anyway, I suppose the school must have looked at the photocopy of my passport and decided that “Zai-yu” is my first name since it reads “Phua Zai-yu Elisia”.

Best of all, I wouldn’t have freaked out that much but I read this article in the newspapers in Japan that a Japanese lady got barred from entering the States just coz she was still of engagement status when she applied for her visa and when she actually decided to step on US soil, she was of married status. Apparently, she did ask if she could get married while waiting for the visa to be done and was given the go ahead. Later on, officials actually said that she lied about her status. WTH. Small thing like that and she gets barred from stepping on US soil. So, can you imagine what I started to think about my own situation?

Then, I realised I have to fill in a number of forms and fix an appointment date to go for the interview at the embassy. I don’t even have the photo ready. They don’t take our usual passport size photos. Photo studio would need time to get the photos ready. One week? Can I even afford to waste one more week? STRESSSSSSSSSSSSS…never thought filling in a few forms could be THAT stressful. I even ended up unable to sleep last night just coz I was worrying whether I could get a time slot for the interview since I’m so late already. What if I get a time slot but they can’t get my visa done on time? What if they decide to pick on every single detail in my forms and finally deny me of the student visa? What if I’m going to be in deep shit? Ahhhhh…I’m going to die. *shoots myself*

My apologies to Man Ling. I sms-ed her in the middle of the night even knowing that she’s holidaying in Germany. I was just freaking out big time.

So now, I’ve got the forms filled out. I’m waiting for the school to email back with advice. I decided to go ahead with “Zai-yu” being my first name. I now hope that the school has not decided to change something. *crosses fingers and toes* That would mean I would have to wait for them to send another I-20 form. More time wasted. I fixed my embassy appointment date to be this Thursday. I found out that there’s a photo booth at the embassy where I can get my photo taken.

I’m not sure I can come out alive since it says that only the person getting his/her visa is allowed to enter the building. Which means that Mum won’t be able to accompany me through the interview. Of course I should be doing this on my own since at the end of the day I’m going to be in the States for 4 years without my immediate family. But just in case I hear bad news and need familiar hands to support me…

God, please please please let me get my student visa successfully. Please please please let things go smoothly. 😥

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