Attack All Around


可愛いでしょう? :heart: 絶対可愛い~~~ Somehow I always felt Shinjiro looked good when he was all serious and cool. Whenever he smiled, he looked a little odd. Compared to the ever-smiling Nissy, he paled in comparison of cuteness and being vocally strong. He hardly sang solo parts for AAA. Despite being a good dancer, he is always at the back.

I would not have watched 美味學院 if not for Shinjiro and Nissy acting in it. Hmmm…the storyline for the drama is so-so with lots of scenes that make you go -_-|||. Anyway, I’m just trying to catch up with dramas.

Ok, I just went to the AAA website and found out that Yukari has left the group due to health problems. It was from the forums that I learnt that Yukari has been taking breaks due to health problems. I never thought that Avex would actually remove her from the group. Maybe saying that would be a bit too unfair to Avex since it could have been a mutual agreement.

With gymnastics girl, Yukari out of the group, that makes AAA a 7人 group – 5 guys 2 girls. Really really unbalanced… Get well soon, Yukari! And all the best! 🙂

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