In case anyone is interested to know, I got my student visa. *beams*

After reading Jo’s lastest blog entry on some ill-bred kids and their parents with lousy parenting skills, I have decided to share my experience.

This happened a few days ago while I was watching Spiderman 3 with my bestie, Xianglin. I guess every kid knows the character which makes their equally excited parents go “let’s have a family outing to the movies!” What these parents fail to realise is whether their kids are old enough to understand what is going on the big screen especially when the movie is not a cartoon.

These two related families brought their kids little brats to watch the movie. I think the general audience would be pretty tolerant when it comes to noise from kids coz afterall, kids are KIDS. And Singaporeans are rather tolerant when it comes to a fellow citizen forgetting to switch his phone to silent mode…we just make “lizard noises” to let the bugger know he is testing our patience.

Halfway through the movie, one parent decides to sms and in the process, let the whole cinema know she is sms-ing. Grrr…there is an option to switch off the keypress tone, you twit. Meanwhile, their kids are getting a little restless, asking all sorts of questions as to what was going on in the movie. Alright, patience is a virtue so we shall not show our displeasure yet.

Towards the end of the movie, said brats decided to give up watching the movie and started to play catching. Yes, right there in the cinema. Ok, patience is no longer a virtue. Everyone was going “shhhh” which was VERY audible but what did the parents do? Nothing. WTF. Now, everyone was staring at the brats AND the parents. What did the parents do? Still nothing. !%$^#%$^& My patience was wearing thin. If I could shoot laserbeams with my eyes, the parents would have been fried a long time ago. I was about to verbally tell the parents to REMOVE their brats from the cinema when someone beat me to it. That was when the parents decide to drag their kids out.

*shock shock shock* Disbelief. Sayless.

You mean people have to TELL you to take your kids out of the cinema. That doesn’t make you any better than your brats now does it? Thank God we didn’t have a violent person in our midst else that cinema would have become a bloody crime scene.

On the one hand, I want to defend the brats by saying that they were too young to understand the movie so it was the fault of their parents for bringing them to the cinema. On the other hand, I think it’s just a case of ill-bred children. What have I said about ill-bred children? There is NO excuse for ill-bred children.

I remember my first movie “Dennis, the Menace”. My mum was so excited about bringing us to the cinema for our first movie as a family. I was so bored. Did I go around making noises? No. Did I run around? No. I just sat through the movie with half-closed eyelids. I knew that if I made any noise or run around, I would so get it from Mum. See, good example of good parenting.

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  1. congratulations on getting your student visa successfully~! *blink*

    Kids these days… tsk tsk. It’s either the parents or the kids themselves… I can’t think of any other possible factors. But of course, can’t blame it entirely on the kids.. after all, kids are naive and innocent..no? well, at least the parents you mentioned are sensible enough to bring KIDs and not babies into the cinema. I don’t recall how many a times I heard babies screaming while we’re all having a good time enjoying our show. And yes, the screams were loud enough to drown the audio itself.

    elisia says: Hello! I believe you’re the lace from the Project NewS group? If the kids are young, it’s the responsibility of the parents to teach them well. If the kids are old enough, then I think it’s high time they behave.

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