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How time flies. July is coming which means I’m only left with one month to wrap up everything. Meet with friends for the last time, shop for warm clothing and laptop, visit Grandma’s grave, pack my bags, pack all my things into boxes…

Talking about packing my things into boxes. I don’t even know how and where to begin. I have too much “rubbish”. I guess I can start from the magazines. *thinks* Can’t believe it. My family is moving without me and I don’t even get to enjoy my new room before I leave for studies.

Meeting friends can be quite a headache too. With 7ners it’s more or less settled. Wait for Pwen to come back then we’ll all meet up. But with the poly mates…*haiz* I checked with Raynor sometime back when are the Uni holidays. It’s vacation period for them and the school term only starts in August. However, he requested to meet up in the weekend as he is working. Hmmm…yea, I guess I’m the only one shaking legs here. I just messaged back that I’ll work out something.

Then again, why am I planning my own farewell party? *blink blink* *echo-ey voice: coz you’re the one who wants to see everyone before you leave~~~* でも…I think it’ll feel nice to have someone do the planning? *twiddles thumbs* We could have dinner それも…カラオケに行こう!!! Cash Studio, please! Hehehe…

PS: I’m writing all this on purpose…but I wonder if anyone will see it? *prays* 

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