farewell party

I planned to blog but I’m really tired and have a headache so I’ll keep what I want to say short and sweet.

After thinking over, I am not going to organise to meet anyone before I go off to study. Why should I plan my own farewell party/meeting? If you think you wanna see me, you jolly well plan to meet me. I know I sound kinda arrogant about it and I probably might piss a few people off but hey, it’s true.

Ok, that’s it. Good night.

2 thoughts on “farewell party

  1. Yo girl.

    When are you going off to study? Maybe you dun mind meeting up with a long time – no see classmate?

    Yes it’s true, if they wanna c you off, they shld plan to organize one.

  2. I hope this isn’t something you’ll regret once u are off to the States. I didnt plan a farewell becos I didnt like the feeling of having dinner or a gathering in my favour, not because I think my friends shld be the ones to initiate something. I dont wanna sound like a high horse but I really missed you guys while I was away! 🙂

    Anyw, see u tmr!

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