Packing of my room continues. Suddenly, the room looks like a minefield.

Once I got tired of packing, Maru-chan became my companion among the mess.

My friend, THIS is called “messy”. Previously, the walkway next to my bed was almost totally covered but the stuff were in stacks so it wasn’t messy. I’m sitting here blogging away while the room is still in minefield state. I have an hour to clear it before jumping into bed. :sweat:

3 thoughts on “minefield

  1. whoa!!!! ok THAT is messy!!! I’m glad I’m not you at the moment boss! lol.. I so hate packing and unpacking too.. sigh.. jia you! 😀

  2. Ack! Oh my! I thought my room is pretty messy! Guess my view of “messy” isn’t really as messy as yours. x.x

    I hate packing too. My stuff usually ends up as messy as ever after 4 hours of endless packing -_- (Gosh. What have I been doing?)

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