i wanna scream

“I hate myself and I want to die.” – from Elizabeth Wurtzel’s ‘Prozac Nation’


我好像放了人家的飞机。Jayce asked for help with the banner today. Although I didn’t outright agree, but I think I sort of gave people the hope that I would turn up. I found that I have things to do like catching up on Econs, thinking about what to write for the next Rhet essay, and working on the Astronomy report that’s due tomorrow, so I decided not to go help.

I was so tired this morning that after lunch, I decided to take a nap. I slept too soundly that I missed Psychology lecture. I woke up with a start at 2.28pm. If the class is at Foellinger, I don’t mind being late since I’ll probably be only 5 minutes late. But, I need at least 15-20 minutes to get to Wohlers.

I should have done this a little earlier today after Liz advised me last night to check with the desk clerks about putting up the posters in the dorm. Desk clerks told me I had to get them approved at Clark Hall – the administration building for dorms. Missed the bus so I just walked all the way. By the way, Clark Hall is just past the Armory which is just past Wohlers. Got there just in time to be told that all staff have knocked off work. I just missed them by a few minutes. Damnit.

Walked all the way back with the STUPID sun shining on me. I can’t understand why the damn weather is like that. Half the time it’s so cold, half the time it’s so blardee hot. Nabeh. Want to be hot then be hot all the way. Want to be cold then be cold all the way. Not cold morning then hot afternoon/evening. I HATE putting on and taking off my sweater all the time ok!!!

I think the only consolation I have from this crappy day is the A- I got on the second Rhet essay.

Ya, whatever.

One thought on “i wanna scream

  1. I know you’re probably not happy
    when you wrote this post. but,
    somehow, the weather part made
    me LOL (:

    thanks for making me laugh. had a
    rough day.

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