i love boobs

Is it supposed to be Breast Cancer Awareness month or something? Anyway, this week, students are selling tees to promote breast cancer awareness. Now, I would have supported and bought the tee had it not for the text on the tee…

I don’t know about you but I find the text rather obscene. I like message tees, but not ones with obscene messages. Generally, if a girl wore the tee, it wouldn’t be that bad. Imagine a guy wearing it, I think people would do a double take and think he’s a 大色狼。

The only 2 friends I can think of, who will proudly wear this tee for the words are Ling and James Fu. Ling, coz I think she loves these kind of provocative messages since they can be sort of like wisecracks too. James, well…he just loves talking rubbish. HAHAHA… :laugh:

Oh ya, another person who should proudly wear the tee… P! Except, he would have to arrow in the word ‘man’ before ‘boobs’. :laugh:

Photo credits: Kang Jie (Yes, the tee belongs to a guy, but he’s giving it to his girlfriend.)

One thought on “i love boobs

  1. Hey! that is a cute tee… and yes, it’s breast cancer awareness month. Got any other slogans or not?

    elisia says: There’s another tee but it says ‘hope’ or something and the words form a pink ribbon I think. That one is a long-sleeved tee and costs USD10. The ‘I love boobs’ tee is USD5. You want it? I can help you get…hahaha… The girls selling the tees were wearing tees with other slogans like ‘save the boobies’, but I suppose that’s from past years.

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