lolita hime is back

[edited on November 2, 2007 @ 12.16am]
How was everyone’s halloween? I saw some people in really crazy outfits like a milk carton, Hershey’s kisses chocolate, teletubbies (eh oh!) etc… Our own SSA members had some great costumes too. There was Garfield (Yongji), a chicken (Joshua), a squirrel (Lin Yan), Mr Ghostface (Dominic), Hangman (Terence), Bart Simpson (Ui Aik), Ah Beng (Shaun), Bad ass cop (Aileen), Fairy (Fiona), some characters from one of those RPG games (Daniel and Wei Hong), some anime character (Esther), schoolgirl (Jeri), Bo Peep (Jun Wan), graduate? (Dian Hua) etc. Sorry if I missed out anyone. あたし? ロリータ姫です :heart: 。

I’m sure Chloe wants to see some photos…

I think the photo doesn’t do much justice to the outfit coz the room wasn’t bright enough and I had to balance on the edge of the bed to take the photo coz the mirror is not a full length one.

I’ll see if I can kope some photos from people and post them up later. My digicam batteries are seems to be dying soon from overcharging. In fact, one has already died and the other one doesn’t give me much time to take loads of photos. Ok, I’m just finding excuses for myself coz I didn’t start camera whoring at the party.

あ!時間切れ。Need to go do some homework…

ロリータ姫 is back! She went to the halloween party by SSA in her punk lolita? outfit and rocking shoes. For the first time in ages, she put on make-up. Ever since she arrived in USA, the times she has put on make-up can be counted on one hand, unlike back home where she puts on make-up everytime she goes out. Her sis, the other ロリータ姫, should be proud to know that she can now put on mascara a whole lot faster and that she tried putting on eyeliner for the first time. Hmmm…but the eyeliner got smudged a little from a not-so-steady hand and from tearing. :laugh:

More later~~~

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