i have my days

“I don’t look like her, but I’m glad as hell I am who I am.” – Olivia’s “Dress Me Up”

I have my days when I’m feeling awfully high, probably coz someone mentioned “Massu” in my face or I’m fangirling online with Sis or Per. *sigh* Nobody here fangirls like I do. Huimin said to go introduce JE to some people. Hahaha…the only consolation I have is Chun Ming recently said if only a pub/club played entirely J-Pop songs. Ya, I wish. I wanna go to ktv~~~ Maybe I’ll ask Kaoru sometime.

I have my days when I go into my alter ego mood. I become this very sarcastic bitch. I feel like being mean and biting everyone’s head off. Those are the days when my evil shadow takes over and wrecks havoc.

I have my days when I’m feeling gloomy. I feel like I’m falling through a black hole. Darkness consumes me.

I have my days when I’m feeling emo. Listening to Olivia sing brings much comfort. Things like “Internal Bleeding Strawberry” = a morbid kind of comfort. I feel like I don’t have to care about what people think or how I feel about someone. I feel free. I feel me.

“I am special. I am beautiful. I am wonderful and powerful, unstoppable. Sometimes I’m miserable. Sometimes I’m pitiful. But that’s just typical of all the things I am.” – Hilary Duff’s “I am”

PS: I need to find time to work on a new blog layout. This one’s stale.

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