heavenly days

It’s the song for 恋空… Even the song is emotional. Really got to watch the movie and cry buckets. The PV is not that great but at least it has scenes from the movie which makes it a little more entertaining. The trailer for the movie is a few posts down and if you need a writeup of the story aka spoiler, it’s under the cut.


heavenly days

heavenly days

heavenly days

Credits: Ryoko

Main character – Mika
Main character (guy) – Hiro

The story is generall about Mika’s life story from the time she was 16 till 22(?) But it is more of her love life than just life in general though it contained many different side stories about her family and friends as well. It all began one day when this very famous “playboy-ish” guy from the next class came to “disturb” them at their classroom and asked for their number. Their meaning Mika and two other friends. One of her friend actually obliged but later she found out that her friend gave him HER (mika’s) number. Since then he started calling and pestering her everyday. Note that this person is not Hiro, but actually is Hiro’s best friend, called Nozomu. Until one day, Nozomu called to pester her when he was drunk and Hiro took over the phone. They began to talk and this was the start of how they met. They gradually met more and ultimately began going out together.

Hiro and Mika then got together. Hiro is generally a very overprotective person and he was very touchy when it came to Mika. But Mika knew that he really likes her alot. Many things happened along the way as they were together. Hiro’s exgirlfriend actually began “stalking” her till Mika ended in the hospital from mild depression. She also sent people kidnap and rape her. But Hiro was always there to save her. Mika then got pregnant with Hiro’s child. They were really happy and Hiro wanted her to keep the child definitely. Hiro was a teenage boy with starking blonde hair. Naturally, Mika’s parents weren’t approving about her having his child. And for a few days after he got rejected by Mika’s parents, Hiro stopped visiting her or taking contact with her. But one night she found out that Hiro was in their living room with his head down, bowing and asking for Mika’s parents approval. He even dyed his own hair back. He have been doing this for the past few days and she was very touched by this. At this point, Mika was really sure that she would give birth to his child. However, Hiro’s exgirlfriend got word of Mika being pregnant with his child and called her out. They were having a heated argument and she pushed Mika hardly onto the ground. This caused Mika to lose the child. And she only found out on christmas (which is 3 days later) when she was supposedly eloping from her house with Hiro. Both of them were very upset by the lost of child and they made a promise to visit the baby’s grave every Chistmas as 12am. However shortly, after the lost, Hiro began to act very weirdly. He started skipping school and when one day Mika went over to visit him at his house. She found him being high on thinner with a bunch of friends. She was disappointed and was really heartbroken when he started to have sex with one of the random girls right in front of her very eyes. She shouted at him in the face and ran off. A couple days later, Hiro sent her a message saying they should break up. Mika then panicked cause she really didn’t want to. But no matter how hard she tried, in the end, Hiro was still persistent in breaking up. Except, he still showed signs that he loved her.

They then began moving on with each other’s lives. Hiro started going out with girls around him and even one of Mika’s best friend. Through her old friend, Mika met this person called Yuu whom she eventually grew to like and went out with. They both graduated from high school and Mika went to the university where Yuu was schooling in instead of the music school she and Hiro promised to go together. This showed that she wanted to move on with her new life and to forget about him completely. On the last day of school, she remembered a message she wrote in the library’s blackboard. The library was a place which held many memories for the both of them. Even after she broke up with Hiro and Hiro began going out with different girls, she still couldnt forget him. She wrote on the blackboard “Were you happy?” When she ran back to the library on the last day of school, it was written just below her message, “I was very happy” She never knew who wrote it, but she guessed it was Hiro.

She carried on with her new life, moving out of her house to stay alone near the university, she became very close to Yuu and they were very loving. Due to an incident, Mika moved out of her apartment and began staying with Yuu. Except, every chirstmas, she still kept her promise to visit the baby’s grave. On the first year after their break up, she saw on the grave a red boots with sweets and a pink mitten. Mittens were actually Hiro’s gifts for the baby. Back before they knew the baby’s gender he actually got a yellow one. But after they found out the baby was a girl, he bought a pink one. And when Mika found the pink mittens there, she was touched that he didn’t forget his promise, but pushed herself to face reality and get on with life. On the second year after their breakup, Yuu drove her there on Chirstmas but never persued further. He knew it was an important thing for her and didn’t ask but just quietly stood and waited for her at a distance. She was very greatful to him for it and ran over. She was shocked to see Hiro actually there. And so was Hiro. Because the year before, he went there earlier than Mika so he didn’t thought that Mika would come. She felt lost but ultimately ran back to where Yuu stood. This was her choice then.

On the third chirstmas however, Mika found Nozomu at the grave with the same red boot and pink mitten. She asked him why he was here but Nozomu just asked if she was sure she wanted to know. Because he said what he was about to tell her might change her entire life.

Mika feared to know but she feared even more of regretting if she didn’t listen to what he have to say. Nozomu then told her that Hiro couldn’t come because he couldn’t get the permission from the doctor to leave the hospital and that, he had cancer.

She couldn’t believe her ears. And she started breaking down. Yuu then came to look for her and she told him everything. Yuu just gently told her to visit him first before she decides on anything. She listend to him and went to visit Hiro. Hiro was extremely shocked but was nevertheless happy that she came. Hiro’s sister than told her that Hiro still loved her very much. And that everytime the door opened, he would look at it with hope that it would by Mika, despite knowing it to be impossible. Mika then learned from Nozomu that Hiro knew about his condition a few years back and told Nozomu that he had to leave Mika. Because Mika was a crybaby and lonely person who cannot live on her own. He didn’t want her to be sadden should he leave the world one day, which he knew he soon will. Thus he began doing many things to make her hate her. But still, he couldn’t forget her, nor did he want her to forget him. Thats why he began dating girls around her, and even her best friend. Mika made a decision and broke up with Yuu. She realized that still and all along, her heart belonged to Hiro. Hiro too asked her to come back to him. She stood by him and her life began to revolve around working part time, going to school and visiting him at the hospital. Because of her breaking up with Yuu and getting back with Hiro, many of her friends were rudely shocked by her choice and began to shun her. Mika started losing motivation to go to school, but still continued to do so because Hiro wanted her to. After some time, Hiro finally got permission to leave the hospital for 3 days. He spent the first two days at home with his family and on the 3rd day, he went on a date with Mika. They went back to the school where they talked about the old days and such. They ended up at the riverbank where they always hung out. Hiro then for the very first time, started breaking down infront of Mika. In front of Mika, he was always a very strong person and never showed any weakness. But for the first time, he broke down infront of her and cried that he didn’t want to die. Mika was happy that he was willing to show her his weakness. However shortly, after that, Hiro passed away. Mika was left alone and when she even thought of suicide, but Hiro’s sister passed her a note which was a diary Hiro kept and read through it. Hiro began writing it from the day he knew he had the illness. And she then knew about the many things he did to delibrately hurt her, how he always stood in the shadows and looked at her. And when she developed from the instant camera Hiro passed her which she brought to the hospital, she was shocked to see that aside from the 5 or so pictures she remembered taking with him, the rest of the pictures were actually photos of her taken by Hiro. It showed that he was always always watching her. The last picture was taken the day before he died and they promised to look at the photos together, but they never got to. Shortly after Hiro’s death, Mika found out that she was pregnant with his child. This gave her the courage to live, and this is the actual ending of the novel.



(I am still in love,
even now)


(with the sky where baby is…)


(with the sky where my
most beloved person is…)


(with the sky…)


(I am in love.)
I am in love.)



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