thoughts on a sunday morning

I can almost hear myself scream “fuck, I wanna bathe!” I feel grimy as I sit in my chair, trying very hard to concentrate on the Psychology text I’m reading. Half the time I’m thinking of having a nice hot bath coz I’m feeling a little cold. It doesn’t help that it’s raining outside which lowers the temperature further.

I learnt at about 10+pm that there’s no hot water coz there’s some trouble with the Champaign power plant. The hot water is supposed to be back by about 4-5 hours. I can feel myself almost desperate to the point that I wish I had a huge pail where I can boil water and fill it for bathing. Hahaha, I remember the times when we had those emergency exercises where they cut the water supply for almost a day. My nanny would boil water and fill pails before they cut off the water supply so we could all still have a bath. How smart, although it was totally off the point of the emergency exercise in the first place.

Stupid Sis said I could bathe quickly with cold water. That’s absurd. Hello, I’m not in Singapore where the temperature outside is 20+ degrees. It’s about 1-2 degrees outside, no joke ok. You want me to fall sick ar? (Which is kinda stupid coz I’m supposed to not fall sick after taking that flu shot.)

Alright, I’m going to check whether the hot water’s back now.

*after 5 minutes of running off to check the showers*



Don’t you dare tell me to calm down and not bathe. I will blardee slap the daylights out of you. I CANNOT don’t bathe. :angry: It’s disgusting ok.

2 thoughts on “thoughts on a sunday morning

  1. i totally understand how you feel when there is no hot water to bathe during winter! there was once that my housemates had to boil hot water to bathe in shanghai.
    and i hate it when there is no constant stream of hot water.. dunno if the heaters in US are as bad as cheena ones

    elisia says: It happens a little here, but not as bad. If the water gets a little cooler, just turn the nob to let more hot water through. Then, when it gets too hot, just turn the nob back slightly.

  2. I know it’s not a good suggestion to ask you not to bathe. Besides, you came from a climate which advocates everyday-bathing. But I guess since it’s less humid plus it’s freezing, that’s exempts you from that everyday-cleaning regime eh? As long as you don’t stink as much.

    I heard from exchange students that in the states, they don’t bathe much because clothes don’t dry up and besides, they don’t perspire. Nothing to fret about.

    Problem arises when they are here for exchange. They are too used to the not cleaning everyday and they stink throughout their stint in Singapore. And that’s disgusting. Proper adaptation helps.

    elisia says: Clothes don’t dry up? But the weather is dry here, clothes dry up twice as fast! If not, there’s always the dryer.

    I had to bathe the next day anyway. The minute I woke up, I rushed to the bathroom to have that “long-awaited” bath.

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