Hahaha…I’ve reached Niagara Falls! Woohoo!

Something rather unfortunate happened on the way. Now, I can’t decide whether to feel for the probably traumatized (and dead) animal or half traumatized us. An unknown animal (might have been a deer) had a death wish. It jumped onto the highway and a rather unfortunate us had to be the ones who granted its wish to commit suicide.

VERY LOUD CRUNCH. *car swerves a bit* That was it.

It was only till after accomplishing half of our journey that we stopped to rest and assess if there was any damage to the car. Whoa…not very pretty sight. We lost like part of the car’s bumper (whatever it’s called) and the animal left us a souvenir – a piece of its skin with dried up blood. The amusing part was that we drove for so long not knowing that the animal skin was attached to the door and fluttering in the wind. The not so amusing part was imagining how the animal was in agony, having had its skin ripped right off. *shivers and covers eyes* 🙁

Had the car changed. Luckily the insurance covered the damage.

Photos under the cut. Warning: not for the faint-hearted.

Photo credits: Kang Jie

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