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I wanted to post an entry last night, but site was down. Netrillium was doing some moving of servers or something.

Anyway, take a look at this pic. What do you see?

Ya, don’t tell me you see lights, cars, and a botak tree. I KNOW! Look at the road! SNOW!

Yepz, it started snowing last night. UIUC’s 初雪 for 2007. It wasn’t a heavy snowfall. Just off and on. However, just now in the afternoon, it snowed quite a bit. Ya, after I had lunch and was back in the room. Didn’t get to feel it fall on my face.

It’s quite a pretty sight. Snow is like cotton fluff floating down from the sky, except that it’s very very thin ice flakes. Think of it as rain…

A clip I took for fun…the dots coming down is snow.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/5TduHSSOdJA" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

3 thoughts on “hatsu yuki

  1. THE SNOW IS NICE!! thanks for encouraging me ((=

    ahh anata mou ganbatte! pls take good care of yourself in this extreme cold weather ne! and of cos, enjoy this jolly christmas season in a place that REALLY snows!! (how i wish singapore…..*smacks self*)

    ahh my pox are not so itchy but they are fugly D: i hope they can heal asap and let me rip them off my skin!>.<

    Jaa..matte ne! cya ard soon!! <333

    Mrs Masuda says: No prob. Take care ya. Try not to scratch too much coz it’ll leave scars. Have a great Christmas!

  2. The snow is lovely… also, 3rd car from the left/right is a Toyota Prius! My dream car! 😛

    elisia says: PWEN! This is incredible…how can you tell from such a small small picture?!

  3. *stares hard at photo* Can’t see a thing! Guess I’m really going blind >.<

    Must be a fun time experiencing snow for the first time 😀

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