flight delayed

Thought that after leaving that darn motel, I’ll be blessed with good internet connection at the next destination. So wrong. It’s still as screwy. It really sucks.

Had a bad day yesterday. Our flight to New Jersey/New York was 9.40am. Flight got cancelled – they said it was due to the bad weather. In reality, it was some problem with the plane engines. The fucked up part was that the next flight they could put us on was at 4pm at the other airport in Chicago. No allowance for the taxi ride there which roughly cost about $50. WTF. :angry:

What to do? Went to collect our checked-in luggage. Had a hard time communicating with the staff since they seemed rather unhelpful. Anyway, we were finally told to just catch our next flight and request for our luggage at the baggage claim area at our final destination. I so knew what was coming. We’ll probably end up with no luggage for at least a day. Yupz, I was right. :angry: They said they will send the luggage later. Ya, I really hope so. Please don’t spoil Christmas for us.

What is it with US airlines? The staff always seem so unhelpful and inefficient when such things happen. The last bad experience was in Nagoya with Northwest airlines.

Anyhow, the temperature here is much higher than in Champaign or Chicago.

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