bad karma caught up with me

It’s all about karma. I must have been talking bad about people too much…

I was leaving YMCA, where the SSA Chinese New Year dinner was held, missed a step and landed at a wrong angle. I’ve landed on wrong footing a couple of times, but usually it’s nothing, just a slight pain at the moment. This time, I heard a crack sound. Shit. I knew it was gonna be bad.

Yea, my first time spraining my ankle. 🙁 Now, I can’t “gloat” when people tell me they have broken their leg/arm/whatever and I haven’t had any major mishap.

I feel like a major inconvenience to everyone. I won’t say I’m fiercely independent, but I’m used to doing things myself. I try not to rely on others too much, just don’t want to be an inconvenience to anyone. So, it’s kinda weird having people fuss around me. I had to be piggy-backed back to my dorm by Koon Seng. It’s no joke to have 45kg on your back. Chun Ming had to carry my huge ass bag and a (stinky) boot. Well, the whole gang had to go over to my dorm instead of going back to theirs. Worse of all, Koon Seng was with me the whole time when he had to study for a mid-term on Monday. I’m like SUPER 最低!

I’m so irritated. I can’t do things the usual way for God-knows-how-long. It’s like a major upheaval to my life! I have to take extra time to go to class next week. Freakin’ hell, I have to take extra time to even walk to the loo. Someone please give me wings or a teleport machine. 🙁

I know Per’s going to say “dear girl, can you please take care of yourself?” That’s what she said the last time I got that huge ass bruise on my finger. I guess I’ll be fine…irritated, but fine. Contradictory, but whatever.

Thanks to everyone who fussed over me. Gosh, I’m feeling so bad now. I’m so so sorry…

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