drippy roof

What started as drips soon became a constant flow of water. From my room, it sounded like we had a mini indoor pond with a fountain. Then, it started leaking at the end nearer my room too. Luckily, the ceiling in my room didn’t leak, but feel so sorry for my neighbours down the hall. They had to tahan a drippy ceiling in their room for the night. Maybe everyone prayed hard enough coz the downpour stopped later in the night.

Trash bins everywhere~~~

I’m having a rather snowy Chinese New Year (eve). I told you the weather is crazy. Yesterday, it was a thunderstorm. Today, heavy snow in the early afternoon.

I have a really fugly bruise on my foot now. My foot’s kinda swollen like as if I have water retention. It’s not painful…only at certain parts near the ankle when I press. I can walk almost like normal…I mean normal, but with more care. No sudden turns or whatever.

Ok, hope you guys enjoyed your reunion dinners. I’m trying hard not to think about it coz I will think of all the good food I’m missing. My reunion dinner is dorm food. Blah ah. Hmmm…it’s 大年初一 back home already, so HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! May you receive lots of ang pows with lots of moolah. 🙂 May you tahan cheesy chinese new year songs wherever you go for a few more days. :laugh:

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