what deary gave me

I wasn’t alone yesterday…coz…

I was so blur coz I didn’t have enough sleep. Was up till late studying for the quiz and mid-term. Koon Seng came over for lunch and I had to open the main door for him as usual. The minute I opened the door, he “thrust” a bunch of roses in my hands. As I said, I was blur coz I was tired so I was a little shocked.

After class, I had my second little surprise. I called him to check if he had gotten my little surprise. Turns out he was at the Union…and…waiting for me. *melts* Yepz, we had dinner together.

Third little surprise. After dinner, he asked if I had something to complete for class today. Said no. He said he would keep me company for awhile and he actually spent the rest of Valentine’s Day with me. (Gawd, I feel so loved now.) :love:

Not only did he give me flowers, he gave me his time and love. In return, I gave him my heart. Oh well, he stole it in the first place… :heart: 🙂

4 thoughts on “what deary gave me

  1. I can feel the love from here already! haha..
    so happy for you, bestie 😉

    bestie says: I’m happy for you and Junior too! 🙂

  2. Phweet phweet~!!!! *whistles*


    Hmmm….now if only my love life was like yours…hmmm…>.<

    mei says: Woman~~~ You will find someone good lahz, just whether you want to or not.

  3. whooo hoo!!! hahaaa… I was telling Perr how happy I was for u !!! Must bring him back to sg to meet us ok! Take care!

    boss says: Yes, I heard from Per. Hahaha… Hello, he is Singaporean, so definitely will go back to Singapore. And yes, we are coming back this summer.

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