happy love love day

This is me panicking in the wee hours of the morning coz I have to study for a quiz and a mid-term exam and class starts at 8am and well, I’m not quite done.

What do I do when I’m supposed to be stuffing my brain with history of the Japanese and the works of the cells and proteins, but my brain keeps auto-playing Hikki’s “HEART STATION”? *to brain* LIKE STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!!! *jumps around*

On a lighter note, happy :love: day! No, I DO NOT have a hot date coz my day is packed full with classes, but I do hope I’m not going to be spending it alone this year. *winks* Then again, what difference does it make if I spend it alone? Heck, I’ve been doing that for years now. Ok, I’ve gotta admit it just sucks when everyone’s got someone to cosy up to and I just have my lonesome self. Hmmmm…maybe not so when I see happy couples and the smiles on their faces. Yupz, cherish your partner. *nods*

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