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Thought I’ll squeeze in a quick post before going for Biology class.

I seldom participate actively in discussion classes. Sure there are participation points that contribute to the grade, but I just don’t feel like opening my mouth. Cannot ar? Well, unless the TA asks me to answer something or we break off into groups. Ok, it does depend on the class…like for EALC135, I do participate a bit in discussion class.

Anyway, the point is, my TA for Anthropology discussion class never really made a big deal about reading before class. It was more like our loss if we don’t read and don’t participate in class. Last week, he wasn’t around so the professor took over his discussion sections. Let’s just say the professor wasn’t too delighted about people not reading and actively participating in class. So, from now on, we have to write a paragraph at the beginning of class about our readings. Damn. I didn’t read for this week.

There are pros and cons to this approach. Pro is we get participation points for it. Con is I have to finish a good amount of reading before class. It’s not like I always never read before class. Sometimes I have other work or exams to study for, so I fall behind on reading. Also, Anthropology usually has a lot to read and I’m a slow reader, so I always catch up in the weekend. I do make sure I finish the readings, so I can write my biweekly response papers.

Whatever manz, whatever.

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