the huge screw up

[edited on April 4, 2008 @ 8.20am]

I had a good chat with my TA yesterday morning. He told me not to worry too much about the grade as mid-term grades are usually not a good representation of how you’re overall doing. Told me to participate more in class and do well in the final exam and I should be ok.

Hmmmm…it’s not that I don’t believe what he says, but I’m kinda worried still. Professor emailed back about my extra credit paper saying that it was a little weak so she gave me 0.9 points for it. 1.0 points is what she normally gives and 1.5 points for an exceptionally good paper.


Fuck. I screwed up for Anthropology. My mid-term grade is C+. I didn’t see that coming so I was pretty crushed. I wish I hadn’t opened that email right before Advertising lecture. Had to hold back my tears until after class.

Why do I have to go through this every semester? Last semester it was Rhetoric. This semester is Anthropology. And I worked harder this semester ok. I hate surprises. I hate myself for not opening my mouth during discussion sessions.

I just hate myself.

PS: Deary, sorry I took some of your study time. 🙁

One thought on “the huge screw up

  1. Hey, I know the feeling…but if you’ve put in your best, then don’t beat yourself up over it.

    You should believe me, coz of all people, you know that I’m a stubborn perfectionist who can’t take low grades at all. I’ll beat myself up for it and then crash, become very stressed and depressed, so that’s no good.

    No point crashing over a low grade and ruin the rest of the good ones, ok? I don’t think you wanna end up like me, in this current state.

    So what if I got the best grades in the end? Look at me now…to end up like me, will it be worth it for you?

    So please cheer up and I’ll cya soon!

    *big big hugz*

    mei says: Nothing beats having a 姐姐。I’m seeing my TA tomorrow to discuss my grade. Mainly I think it’s coz I never open my mouth during discussion sessions. My papers I think are still ok and my attendance for class is ok, so I can’t think of any other reason why my grade is so low. Well, time to be kiasu and fight for a better grade. Ya, must show off the Singaporean spirit.

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