monsters behind the masks?

I have to learn that people aren’t always what they seem. There’s always a hidden agenda…but, isn’t it tiring to keep up with a pretense all the time?

Is it wrong to see the goodness in everybody? (Well, until I get burnt real bad.)

I don’t want to name names or get nasty, so if you think you’ve been doing that, it’s time you reflect on what you’ve done and I shall reflect on what I’ve done. Oh, and in case anyone wants to start talking bad behind my back. I dare you to say it in my face. It’s called having the guts to do so.

One thought on “monsters behind the masks?

  1. It isn’t “wrong” to look out for positive traits in people, after all, one can come across as arrogant if you go shoving down at people’s throats. Still, it is rather “dangerous” not to be defensive. It’s like a piece of insurance.

    People change and change is constant. Humans are really born innocent, but social standing, acceptance, competition, the list goes on, become the only yardsticks that measure our competence and self worth in this dog-eat-dog world.

    Over time, people become skeptical and start to make aggressive moves towards others even if the latter do not have intentions of an aggression. You get the idea.

    Perhaps there’s a lot of reasons why people have ulterior motives to get near you. It could be anything. And your confidence in doing well, your passion or whatever, may be taken as a perceived aggression.

    Don’t harp on the idea that people will talk back behind you. Whatever you have done, good and bad always invite small talks, both positive and negative. It’s up to others how they want to think, but you know it all well yourself eh?

    Just do what you are good at, heck the rest. Cut yourself some slack or you’ll end up with a life full of paranoia.

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