changing halls

Yesterday, Deary and I examined the costs for the graduate halls. I never considered staying in a graduate hall because all along, I thought it was more expensive since graduate halls didn’t have a meal plan. It turns out that the cost for living in an undergraduate hall is going to go up next semester and we calculated that living in a graduate hall is slightly cheaper. So, I signed up to be put on the waiting list for a single room in Daniels Hall. Undergraduates can apply to stay in graduate halls as long as they are above 21. Now, just keeping my fingers crossed. Daniels Hall is not too far – quite near the main quad so that’s fine.

Reasons why moving to Daniels Hall would be good:

  1. Significantly nearer to Deary’s apartment.
  2. Possibility of having a private bathroom or at least a semi-private bathroom.
  3. Bigger room.
  4. Room comes with a mini-fridge. Probably just need to get a microwave…
  5. No need to move out during breaks coz the hall stays open.

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