true blue singaporean

You know you are Singaporean when…

you are allowed to prepare ONE piece of “cheat sheet” for your exam and you write SO SO small to make sure you have more than enough space to squeeze every last bit of information there is.

Kiasu? Hell, yea!

One thought on “true blue singaporean

  1. Wahhhhhhhhhh~~~~ siao boh~~~~!!!! >.<

    What’s up with the “Hell, yeah!” comment? You think you are Bakanishi singing new KT song ah?? XP

    Mei says: The best part is, the one piece of cheat sheet, can write on both sides. But I ended up writing so small that fill up only one side. Now, probably have to squint or use magnifying glass during the exam coz my eyes are like so squinty…8am exams are no joke.

    Sorry ar…I don’t know anything about the new KT song. :woot:

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