I got A+ for ADV300!!! Woohoo~~~

I was really worried for it. Deary says I’m becoming a worrywart. Can’t help it. I’m not smart; I only have commonsense. How I know? Coz people seem to get As effortlessly. They often say they have been slacking, but they last minute pia, that’s how they got their A. Shit, if I ever tried that, I would most probably get a B or C. I have to work so hard that I almost feel like dying before I see my A.

I often thought that you must want something so badly. Only then will you push yourself harder to get it. So, when I saw a lot of people handing in their work at the early deadline for the bonus 20 points, I got pretty worried. I couldn’t meet the early deadline and really was about to cry then. Did I not want it hard enough that’s why I didn’t push myself more?

2 thoughts on “adv300

  1. Hi Elisia

    Just bumped into your blog … nice to see what you’re up to.

    How are you? You seem happy.

    Keep in touch!

    Douglas (from TP)


    elisia says: Hi, Mr D! I’m fine. Studying in the States now. Yea, it’s been a long time since I heard from you too!

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