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This post is so that people know I wasn’t shaking legs during my poly internship. HAHAHA…actually the internship was quite a breeze and I really did spend about 1+ weeks shaking legs. I didn’t shake legs on purpose; they simply didn’t have anything for me to do.

Anyway, I was checking the ICA website some time ago for something for my dad when I got curious and decided to go click on the shipping crew page. Yes, that was what I was doing in NCS, 5 years ago. It was a big secret then since it is part of the government. I got a shock at what I say. THEY ACTUALLY USED MY WORK?! It was just a demo thing to present to the clients; roughly what the website would look like. My colleague who was in charge of the project then told me that I didn’t have to worry too much on the workability of the website since they would get their own designers to work on the real thing later. So, I did my best and didn’t worry too much. They only used my banner…BUT STILL?!

Looking at it now, I’m horrified. It’s such a lousy thing~~~ I didn’t know how to blend images then so all I did was smudge the edges of each image so that they looked like they flowed together. And the background of the banner was just some clicking around and playing with the set effects in Photoshop. Honestly, I got the background by chance. They wanted something watery looking. WAH~~~ WHY~~~

The only thing they changed about the banner was to crop it coz it was much thicker when I did it. The width was probably something like my blog banner. I think they might have resized it a little too coz the quality of the images and logo look a little compromised.

I decided to blog about this afterall since the topic came up at the dinner table again.

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  1. Usually when you hear/read about this kinda thing, you should feel proud but for me, when my stuff gets credit and such, I don’t feel the same way because at the back of mind I would be thinking, “I didn’t even put in much effort… I’m still an amateur, I could have done better… and if compared to the rest, mine still look average”. But well, you know, I think it’s a good thing you actually think that way. It makes you want to work even harder, to produce a better one. So I think it’s normal if you feel a little bad 🙂

    And speaking of internship, I had mine early this year and I was quite slacked because there’s nothing for me even after I asked my supervisor (it seemed as if I’m just a substitute worker… my friends had prominent jobs while mine’s always changing.. and I’m just there to “help” them) then my boss came asking me why I didn’t take up initiative to ask for work to do. I’m like @.@ I did ask and they told me to wait. But he still gave me the look.

    elisia says: I did ask my supervisor after about 3 days whether there was anything for me to do, but he said no. At least he wasn’t like your supervisor who gave you THE look. Yea, I was sent to help the department next door after I finished the little work they gave me. It was like moving back and forth.

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