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Just read Jo’s post on 3 PRCs displaying ugly behaviour on the MRT.

I need to learn how to take photos without people knowing it. I think I’ll have a huge collection of such photos. What of ‘POLE LEANERS’ (I freakin’ HATE them) :angry: and people who just cut your queue. The poles in the MRT are NOT for people to LEAN THEIR WHOLE BODY ON. They are there for people TO HOLD ON while the MRT is moving. And it’s WORSE when these people decide to lean on the pole while someone else’s hand is already there. I met one such ‘pole leaner’ yesterday. I kept quiet coz she was an Indian old lady. If not, I would have said loud enough for her to hear ‘some people have NO BACKBONE’.

People who cut queue? They need a freakin’ twack on the head. I had an urge to do that to this man who tried to squeeze past me while boarding the bus.

One thought on “ugly behaviour

  1. Oh my good gracious, you simply just said what’s on my mind all this while! I see this every single day that it has become something really…common. Sometimes when I’m having a holiday trip elsewhere in places like HK, I never had any horrible experiences when taking public transports (even though HK is a very busy place). The people there are very friendly.

    And speaking of the “pole-leaner”… the train I took the other day was very crowded (since it was peak hours) and I had to grab the pole for balance… then this uber overweight (not like I have anything against fat people) woman just leaned her whole body against it and I had a swollen hand that took like 1 week to recover. (and not to mention that her back was so sweaty)

    And people simply don’t like to queue up. They just push their way in/out. They could care less about those in front of them, whether they end up injured or not.

    Maybe it’s just me… but I rarely see this happening elsewhere in the world.

    Unfortunately, the MRT is the only transport that’s available to me. So the only thing I could do is to bear with it.

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