it’s always a trade-off

There are so many wonderful activities out there and I wish I could be part of them all. BUT…I also realise there is a huge trade-off. More time spent on activities = less time spent on studies = studies CUI!!! How now brown cow~~~ *whines*

Yes smartypants, I know that it’s all about time management. However, different people have different rates of absorption of material and mine happens to be (VERY) low, so I need more time to absorb material.

All this sucks. :angry:

PS: I got 95/100 for my Meteorology exam #1. It was relatively easy that’s why. Short of 2 marks to an A+, but it’s still an A, so yea… :happy:

PPS: Economics quiz #2 tomorrow. I have the CUI feeling. 🙁

PPPS: Because I need time to study for Economics, I’m putting off reading “The Tale of Genji” for EALC305. Grasping for more time… I really need to complete reading the 2 chapters coz I have a worksheet to complete.

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