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Wah lau…class is cancelled for today. o_O And I stayed up to read 3 chapters of “Tales of The Heike” just to be prepared for class. Ok, what am I talking, I should be prepared for class. If you think it’s some boring history shit, it’s not. It’s mildly entertaining, reading about monks gone bad, people who spontaneously combust because of bad karma, and a whole lot of decapitating. Haha, that was just my humourous interpretation of the text. It’s really about Japanese history – the Genji and Heike. Now, I just wonder why they keep preaching about Buddha and attaining enlightenment when the next moment they are at war and chopping of people’s heads. How is following the Way? It’s so funny when you read about someone (who has taken the tonsure) killing an enemy and then he goes back in, changes out of his bloodied gear and into a clean white monk’s robe. Like HUH?

I got back my Econs mid-term. Hahaha, I got 95/100. I think my TA is a easy grader coz I really feel I don’t deserve that high a grade. The most dulan part is that I lost 5 marks coz I made a calculation error. I forgot that the income multiplier is 1/1-MPC. I already had the MPC calculated in the first part of the question and I happily copied that as the income multiplier for the part where I had to calculate government spending during inflation. So…*kwa kwa kwa* wrong. I KNEW HOW TO DO THAT QUESTION OK. As in, I knew the formula for calculating government expenditure, just that I plugged in the wrong value.

I only hope my second Japanese exam would get full marks. I found the paper easier than the first. Less writing to do. Anyway, I have been sort of whining to sensei that Japanese is difficult. Just coz I went to one Japanese Table session and almost everyone was from the intermediate-advance classes and they could speak Japanese fluently. The biggest problem is I actually understand most of the conversation between a student and Sadler-sensei. Just that I can’t reply in Japanese. 🙁

I went to my first barcrawl (despite, having my Japanese exam the next day). Ok, I didn’t actually stay for the whole barcrawl. I left after Geovanti’s. And I made friends with the Japanese exchange students this semester. Note: Xuefang is a fellow Singaporean. Yohei is the president of J-Net. The rest are the exchange students. The barcrawl tee is obviously huge for me. The printing company made a mistake with the sizes so everyone had to upgrade a size. So for me, it was S to M. S is already a little big for me, what more M. Do note that I was freezing in the photo. I took off my pullover in Geovanti’s coz it was freakingly hot. Then when we left, I was too lazy to put it on again since we would be going to some place warm again. Only thing was that I decided to leave after the queue outside Legends was pretty long.

Have been obsessing over Lolita stuff lately. I discovered the fantastic use of the Google reader. So now I keep track of lolita livejournal communities there. I bought my first lolita brand dress from Metamorphose. It was on sale, so paid about USD90 only. Normally, brand dresses are about USD200-300. I also bought a second-hand Angelic Pretty dress + headdress from someone on the EGL sales community.

More for later…

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