present for me

Ok, shall post up those long-awaited photos.

“Autumn is upon us once again…” This was what I had in mind when I saw the tree with its flaming leaves. (I think the tree is botak now.)


My room at Stoughton St.

Deary had a surprise for me yesterday. There were 2 parcels from Amazon waiting for me to open them. I knew one of them was the magazines I ordered, but I wondered whether the other huge box was Shine’s since I asked him to get my stuff for me using his free trial of Amazon Prime. Yea, we’re all making use of the free 2-day shipping by signing up for a one-month free trial of Amazon Prime. I contemplated opening it for a long time. Well, it was addressed to me, but just in case it isn’t mine… Ah, heck, I’ll open it since deary did leave a note saying “SURPRISE!” TADAA! Klipsch Groove PM20 speakers! So, they are supposed to be my advanced Christmas present (and possibly next birthday present). Thanks deary! :love:

Recently, I received an email about Fujitsu’s new products. THEY HAVE A NEW LAPTOP WHICH COMES IN PINK! Why didn’t they have that earlier?! It’s the Fujitsu L1010.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Got my lolita dress ready. Ki-san asked me whether I’m going to wear it to class. I said if she did wear something, I’ll wear it. Thus, we both agreed to dress-up for class. SSA is going to have a party at Yongji’s apartment at night. I guess most of us will be avoiding Green Street since campus police sent out an alert coz they found a note saying that someone will be shot on Halloween night on Green Street. Whether it’s a prank or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Last, but not least…check this out. Do you see my name? Do you? Do you? Hahaha…

2 thoughts on “present for me

  1. The new room is sooooo much bigger!

    elisia says: Bigger, but the apartment is quite cui too. The floorboards are so thin and we have annoying neighbours. Upstairs, we have elephants. Downstairs, we have an inconsiderate bugger who loves to blast his music.

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