polite form, plain form

Switching from polite form to plain form and back again is confusing. However, I finally totally understand what Per said years ago. Like “どこにいるの?” and “おまえ、くるぞ!” I mean, I understood before that the former was asking where I am, but I didn’t really understand the context of the question.


PS: I hate going through registration every semester. It always makes me sad and panicky coz my time ticket is always later and the classes I really want end up full. I hate having to FIGHT for my classes. Maybe when I become a Junior, I will have less problems. Ok, that’s one more semester to go…

3 thoughts on “polite form, plain form

  1. Agreed.. I always end up really frustrated because out of the 3 modules I picked, none of them I could get a place. Sometimes things got worse when the server just crashed before I could register… next thing I knew, I had to take up something that I have no interest in >.>

    Good luck with registering though =D Always look on the brighter side since worrying about it doesn’t make things any better. xD

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