have a moose in your backyard

Welcome to Alaska! The land of below freezing temperatures, knee-deep snow, and moose in your backyard.

No kidding. We just saw one outside the hotel next to ours. It was happily munching on the vegetation just outside the back door of that hotel. Imagine someone goes out through the back door and…WHOA. :woot: I spotted the huge animal while we were making our way through the snow to the restaurant to have our dinner. Deary said it was fake, a mechanical one. Then, the animal moved one foot forward. Haha, it was REAL. Luckily no one went near to check out if it was real. The receptionist at our hotel says that although moose looks cute (for a big animal), they can give people nasty kicks. Unlike horses which can only kick forward or backward, moose can kick sideway.

Too bad no one took a photo.

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