school is almost starting again

My bad for the no-update. I’m currently enjoying the last few days of winter break. Come Tuesday it’ll be back to being a chao mugger. I already received some not too good news regarding one of the subjects I’m taking – ADV410. Prof Olsen emailed to “warn” us of the schedule which includes lots of presentations and projects. “Presentation” – I cringe when I see that word. My first reaction was to check whether MS317 is still available. No such luck. Ok, I’m stuck with this. Well, although ADV410 is just one of the courses I can take to fulfill the 5 required, I should think the material presented will be useful in the long-run.

I’m kinda lazy picking out nice photos for my blog, so just check out my Facebook page ok. I uploaded most of the photos from the winter trip. The ones in Las Vegas are not up yet.  It was an ok trip. I got to fulfill one of my wishes which is to see an aurora. Yay! Don’t think I’ll ever go back to Alaska. It is unimaginably COLD. 40 to 60 degrees below.

Speaking of cold, the heater in my apartment isn’t working too good again. I hate Ramshaw. I’m so glad that I’m moving out of this place in the following semester. :angry:

PS: I have good mind to yank open my window and cut off that stupid branch that keeps scratching on my window. :angry:

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