if i could kill, i would

I’m angry. I’m angry. I’m angry.

I’m angry that I chose to believe what those people said at the election day. All the talk about food festival was a good idea. All the talk about we want other people to know about Singapore and SSA. BULLSHIT. I don’t see the passion.

And…it’s making me lose my own drive and passion. One thing I realised from internship, all the excitement and high hopes will not go through unless there are people to share and support it. It takes two hands to clap. I don’t have the energy to keep up without any support.

Maybe I’m having too many things on my plate. James Scholar, trying to get a job at Illini Media, SSA, J-Net, AAF… I already gave up my dream of coordinating the Lolita segment for the fashion show. I couldn’t talk to Jenny on time and I…simply can’t do it all by myself.

Thanks to Tiarra, I finally realised why it has been so quiet on my blog. The captcha code thingy is not showing and so, no one can comment. Yea, my blog does not receive a truckload of comments, but recently it has been too silent…like something’s wrong. ARGH. See, one more thing to settle.

The aquarium is also waiting for me to settle it. It’s not that I find it a chore, but ARGH…where’s all my time? Why do I have to use my time to settle people’s shit? WHY?!

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