poupee girl

After a long long time, I decided to do something on my poupee girl account. Finally got round to taking a few pictures and uploading them. I need ribbons so I can get my poupee girl some nice clothes. I created her in my likeness. Though she doesn’t look quite like me without specs and as much as I’ll like to wear high-heels like her, my feet just won’t allow it. My feet chooses the shoes, not the shoes choose the owner. I often get blisters with ANY type of pumps. Sneakers are the only comfortable shoes I can wear without having those shoes bite at my feet. I think it’s the shape of my feet and the way I walk. Hmmmm…

One thought on “poupee girl

  1. what’s your account?

    I think I should start playing mine too. lol.
    don’t even know why I got one in the first place XD

    boss says: You can login to your account then click on the picture of my poupee girl at the sidebar. Or I think you can manually search for me…though I forgot how. The name of my poupee girl is エリシア, which is exactly my name in Japanese. So far the pictures of my clothes I’ve uploaded are my lolita stuff. Quite a lot of people in the lolita community have accounts there so yea…

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