singapore has come to chambana

After almost a week of being back home in hot and humid Singapore, I arrived back to an equally hot Chambana. No kidding, we’re having a heat wave here. The days can get up to 31 degrees celsius. Deary and I have been trying to survive on opened windows and a small fan. So far we have been successful despite my many complaints that it’s just TOO hot. Well, until we caved in tonight and turned on the air-con for a short while.

And of course…

Last semester’s results:

ADV400 – A
ADV450 – A-
ADV483 – A-
EALC464 – A
JAPN204 – A-

Total GPA = 3.78
Cumulative GPA = 3.73

*sigh* I missed the A for ADV450 by 4 points. If only I had studied a little harder for the first exam… Such is life. JAPN204 was hard. I can only blame myself for not having the guts to speak up more in class. On a happier note, I’m glad I did well for EALC464. It sure was a tough class.

Oh, by the way, I updated the page of links. 🙂

One thought on “singapore has come to chambana

  1. yay for great results (that I can never get lol)

    boss says: You can get that. It’s all a matter of how you prioritize. Unfortunately, we are not the super smart kind who can do everything well – activities and studies, so if you want better grades, you gotta sacrifice a little time on activities. Remember, I wasn’t the kind who got A’s back in Secondary school or Poly.

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