summer in chambana

The first week of Summer classes has ended. Each session is definitely longer than the usual, but they aren’t that bad. There may be some really dry stuff to go through, but overall it is quite ok. I would have preferred to take a statistics class and a psychology class instead of two psychology classes. That way, I could have a balance of memory/thinking work and calculation work. But the statistics class was cancelled due to low signup, so I really don’t have a choice.

The weather in Chambana has been pretty crazy. Heat wave, then heavy rain, then sun again. Some days it can get so hot (like Singapore hot, except it’s not that humid). Those days make me feel really lethargic.

And then you think, what can of life can little towns like Champaign and Urbana possibly have? Wouldn’t spending summer here be totally boring? Not so. There have been fairs going on to get the community together. Deary and I went to Taste of C-U and we wanted to go to Strawberry Jam, but it rained heavily that day, so we decided against it.

We also spent a day at Six Flags Great America. Ok, that’s not in Chambana…but it was AWESOME. My first time going to a water park. Yea, I’m so sua ku that I’ve never been to Fantasy Island and now it’s gone. We didn’t have enough time to finish both the water park and theme park, so we’ll probably go back sometime later. Hehe, we got the annual pass, so it’s “free” admission.

Before I sign off, here’s something really cute I bought a few days ago in the local campus bookstore:

Yup, Hello Kitty tees for my school. Woohoo!

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