seeing underwater

Muahahaha…soon I’ll be able to do that and I will be able to see those fishies when I go snorkeling again during Winter break. Of course, that comes with a massive price tag after I went to the optician today. I had to go through an eye test and fitting of contact lenses and all that jazz.

No, that does not mean I’m going to permanently ditch my glasses for contact lenses. You must understand, I started wearing glasses since I was 8. I’m too used to wearing them. I tried switching to contact lenses when I was 19 (I think), but it just felt too weird. Nobody understood when I said things seemed to be bigger. Felt really weird.

Anyway, I told that to the optician and he explained that it’s not that objects are bigger. It’s the glasses that makes things seem smaller. I kinda of figured that out since contact lenses are directly on your eyeballs, but glasses are a distance away. Just needed confirmation from someone and not have people think I’m crazy saying that things seem to appear bigger.

Another reason why I will not ditch my glasses. If you look carefully, one eye is smaller than the other. Glasses kinda hides that and doesn’t make it obvious.

I had no idea that different brands of contact lenses have different curvatures. I was given a trial pair to put on while at the optician’s and was having a hard time getting them in. Ok, I admit perhaps I need to get used to putting on contact lenses again, but don’t get me wrong, I know how to do it unlike the first time I got contact lenses. After what seemed like forever (and two teary eyes later), they were in. However, the left eye was really uncomfortable. It felt like there was something in my eye and whenever I blinked, it made my eye tear. The optician thought I had put it on the other way round. Doubt so since I know how to see which way is the correct side…the whole bowl shape thing. I had it on the right way. He went into the store and got out another brand of contact lenses with a greater curvature. This time it felt perfect. No discomfort. He told me that my eyeballs were more curved.

Oh, and damn was I impressed that they actually have trial pairs in their store that were my degree. As most know, I’m as blind as a bat and not many people have that high a degree. Most who have it probably have gone through lasik to correct that. The only people I know who can match that are my sister and Ling.

One thought on “seeing underwater

  1. ahahahaha. Most of the time they have the trial lenses in your power unless you want to purchase them.

    Anyway, Veron’s like you, she also prefers glasses cos she has one eye bigger than the other!

    I don’t like glasses cos they make my eyes look smaller : (

    You have big big eyes, don’t waste it! If you have one eye bigger, then use make up to amp up the other eye i guess?

    Glad you found lenses that are comfy for you! :3

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