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I mentioned to deary quite recently on how people seem to behave around me. Despite my contributions, I somehow end up being part of the wallpaper or I somehow just blend into the background. I’m the person who when somebody mentions me, the other person goes “who’s Elisia?” Don’t ask me why it happens. It just does.

Who’s Elisia? I’m the person who almost practically sold my soul in trying to make things better for the damn organization. I’m the person who BOTHERED to stay in the same position for more than a year coz I believed I could do something and I wanted to do something, not coz I needed the position to pad my resume. I’m the person who cares about doing good work and in the event people can’t be bothered and do half-hearted work, I will try my best to pick up the shit left behind. I’m the person who hangs out behind the scene and tries to keep believing that one day someone will appreciate the work I’ve done, but so far it always only happens to those who speak up a lot (and sometimes it’s just a lot of big talk and nothing done).

Before you tell me that that’s coz I’m quiet and I should speak up more, yes, I’m not the most articulate person, but I think I deserve some recognition. I know it is difficult to remember names especially in a large social setting, but it doesn’t take a lot to remember faces. I’m terrible at remembering names, but in place of that I take the time to remember people based on face recognition. I can remember classmates even from my kindergarten school days, I kid you not. I don’t mean that people have to adore me and worship the ground I tread upon, but a friendly hi when we see each other along the hallways would be nice. Sure, if we were in the same class and we didn’t even talk to each other, it’s fine if you don’t want to say hi. It is worse when I know we’ve talked and now you pretend that we don’t even know each other.

You know what? The next person who pretends to not even know me, I will make it so. I will not bother to ever talk to you again. I will pretend you are invisible just like you did to me. To me, you are not even WORTH my time.

Ok, I’m done ranting. *breathes*

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