kid needs to grow up

This kid needs to grow up and understand that things don’t just fall into your lap without working hard for it.

信じられない。 He really needs a reality check. I dislike kids who think that they can just run to the States or some other country (probably on their parents’ money) if they don’t make it in the exams in Singapore. It’s like taking the easy way out. I’m sorry, there is no free lunch in this world. You choose not to work hard, you bear the consequences.

Hello boy, the SAT is only ONE component which the colleges in the States consider during the application process. They do look at your academic results, which in your case is the O’levels. So don’t act so nonchalant about getting a zero for the exam.

And what about not needing to work hard for the money? You need to work hard in ANY job to earn your pay. You think that celebrities don’t have a hard life and all they need to do is be glamourous? My dad says that even being a tai tai requires hard work to keep up with appearances and I agree with him.

Sometimes I think Singaporeans lead too sheltered a life to be grateful for what they have. I also like to think that some people like to talk big and act like they know it all when they haven’t even seen the world.

2 thoughts on “kid needs to grow up

  1. Oh my gosh that kid is so incredibly cocky that he actually upset me.
    I don’t know much about Singaporeans at all, but that guy… he’s definitely sheltered. <_<

    • Sorry for the delayed reply, I just saw your comment. Yea, I was just fuming inside after I watched the clip. That kid just wants to get famous…or rather infamous. He really needs a reality check.

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