la cinco peso

“[some mumbo jumbo] la cinco peso!”

After hearing so many street vendors yelling that on the streets of Mexico City, it’s stuck in my head now.

Things I learned so far in/about Mexico:

  • The only way to get onto the metro is to push. Like just fuckin’ shove yourself into the metro no matter how crowded it is. Graciousness gets you nowhere…NOWHERE.
  • Don’t be shocked by people selling stuff or begging for money in the metro itself. Just beware of those selling music cds, they are armed with backpack speakers that blast spanish tunes out LOUD.
  • Cross roads like in China. Green man, cross. Red man, also cross. Just make sure you look out for cars.
  • Drive like a hooligan. Remember, be AGGRESSIVE. Cut lanes, weave in and out of traffic, drive like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Whoa…like check out those pirated cds/software.
  • Police do not care if you’re selling pirated stuff or jaywalking.
  • Mexican couples like to engage in PDA anywhere and everywhere. Queuing up for KFC, waiting for the metro, halfway through a meal, even while walking down stairs. Sheesh, get a room please.
  • Street vendors run on energizer batteries. They never tire.
  • If you don’t look like a Mexican, you will be stared at like a caged animal at the zoo. Trust me, Mexicans will even turn back to stare at you after you pass.
  • Most Mexicans think Singapore is part of China too. Well done.
  • Some street vendors must have seen a lot of Japanese tourists because as long as you look Asian, they think you’re from Japan. Do not underestimate the powers of a street vendor. I heard one saying 「高くない。」 (referring to what he was selling) to us. That means “inexpensive” in Japanese.
  • You need to know Spanish. Not everyone in Mexico can speak English. You won’t die if you don’t know Spanish, but it’ll be a little easier to know a bit.

By the way, can someone tell me why the Aztecs/Mayans/ancient people like to have friggin’ steep steps to their temples/dwellings? I almost died climbing up and down the Piramide del Sol at Teotihuacan. Miss a step and it’s goodbye to you…happy rolling down the stairs to your death.

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