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No, this blog is not dead yet. At least it was for a long long while. I have since graduated with a B.S. in Advertising with honors (proud of that!) I’ve completed my graduation trip to L.A, Hawai’i, Macau, China, and HK. I’ve packed a little of my room and stuff. And now…I’m officially unemployed.

I’ve finally come to the point where I can no longer be that irresponsible little kid. It’s time to really step into the “adult world” where I earn my own keep. I can no longer give the excuse that I want to study so I can escape having to face the responsibilities of “adult life.” Well, that’s unless I wish to follow in the footsteps of my professor who proudly declares that he has managed to stay in school all his life. To be honest, grad school is an option but not for now. I’m not ready for that yet.

Stepping into the “adult world” also means that I have to consider my future. The boy and I have decided to look for an apartment. Housing in Singapore is VERY expensive and we have come to the conclusion that both of us will need to work in order to finance that. Yea well, life’s like that. *sigh*

So, how does it feel like coming home for good after 4 years of living in ‘lil ol’ Chambana? Weird. Have to readjust to the population, the weather, the habits of people… Heck, I even have to readjust to sharing my life at home with 3 other family members. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just that I have changed. I’m more assertive towards what I want in my life and my future. These are changes that my family members will need to get used to.

Still got a list of things to do. Need to get crackin’ and stop procrastinating.

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  1. Elisia… wow, girl. You’re scaring the heck out of me. 🙁 I’m glad to hear that you are safely back in Singapore but it sounds like life has struck you hard, lol. xD I’ll soon be in your situation. Not that it’s a bad situation or anything, but I’m not ready to grow up either. T^T

    What type of job are you currently looking for? Are you focusing on expanding your career experience or just looking to finance yourself now? I’m just curious, and I don’t mind if you don’t want to tell me. xD

    I’m really going to miss seeing you around on campus, Elisia, I really am. I’m going to miss seeing you in the JNet fashion show and seeing you in random classes. xD Oh well… I wish the best for you and I hope that we can both meet again someday. :3 The possibilities are endless, right?

    Also, are you still rori? 😉 Just look at the bright side, job equals more money which equals more burando. 😀 Or is this something that must also be given up in the adult world? ;_; Oh, Elisia, please, you’re scaring me!

    Any advice for a rising senior? 🙁

  2. I’m looking for a job that is advertising/media related. I’m ok with marketing jobs too, but strictly no sales jobs. I’m also open to research and social media/online marketing jobs. I’m focusing more on expanding my career experience, but a good pay wouldn’t hurt. Really need it.

    I miss you too. Your cheerfulness really brightens up someone’s day. I’m going to miss that the most. Yup, we’ll meet some day in the future. =)

    Yup, still into Lolita fashion. Although I’m having a headache as to how I can manage with the weather being so hot and humid in Singapore. Nope, not giving it up yet.

    Enjoy your senior year. Create challenges for yourself and push yourself to grow professionally. Start early so that it’ll be a smoother ride once you’re out in the real world because then you’ll be equipped with the skills to navigate the working world (e.g. how to network professionally). You’re almost there (to graduation) so keep working hard.

  3. I really do appreciate your kind words, thank you. You’ve truly made my day! ^^

    I’m quite impressed how you’ve got everything so final and mapped out. Like, you know what you want to do–and know what you wouldn’t like to. That’s inspiring, girl. I’m no where near as decisive, but I hope I will be this time next year, Lord willing. Just do what you got to do to get yours, chica! If you know where you want to go, that is surely a start. Things will work out for you, I’m sure they will very soon!

    Ha ha, I’m sure the idea of lined dresses seems impossible right now. xD I’m not sure how hot it is in Singapore, but we’re currently going through a heat wave so I feel that I can relate… I think? I don’t know. lol I just know this weather is enough to make one consider going ero. x_x Are there many lolitas close to where you are?

    Oh, and thank you for your advice, Elisia. I’ve been busy thinking about enjoying the “informal” aspect of college, but I suppose it’s time that I really focus on the professional side as well. I’m scared. But I suppose that’s the purpose of challenges. I’ll be sure to incorporate this into my senior year to-do list. I truly didn’t think about this at all, so thank you. I appreciate it!

    Okay, I’ll shut up now, lol. Take care of yourself, Elisia! Here’s to the future! ;D

  4. Every day in Singapore is about 77 to 89 degrees fahrenheit. We don’t have seasons because we’re close to the equator. There’s a small community of Lolitas in Singapore who hold meet ups once in a while. Haven’t been to one yet, but expect to do so soon.

    You take care too!

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