USS roller coasters

No, it doesn’t stand for U.S. Submarine. Apparently, that’s how Singaporeans call Universal Studios Singapore. I was all confused when my sis kept talking about USS. I was like “why is she talking about going to see an American submarine when we don’t have one here?” But you see, I had just come home from four years in USA and had just visited Pearl Harbor.

Anyway, I went to USS with Sis and Jie Yu yesterday. Haha, I cannot be considered a suaku now that I’ve been there. (The boyfriend says I’m suaku becuase i’ve never been to Fantasy Island.) It was fun re-visiting most of the rides since I’ve been to Universal Studios in Japan and Florida. In fact, I visited it twice in Florida. Compared to both locations, Singapore’s is much much smaller. Beside the Madagascar area and Battlestar Galactica roller coaster, everything else was the same.

I was really looking forward to the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster. Yup, you can call me a roller coaster junkie if you like. The roller coaster is separated to two tracks: HUMAN (red) or CYLON (blue). HUMAN is a regular sit-in carriage type of coaster while CYLON is a suspended seat type of coaster. We got on HUMAN first. It was ok for a coaster, but nothing too special. We couldn’t get on CYLON right after because it was shut down due to technical difficulties. Hmmm…wonder if it was really due to technical difficulties or someone puked on the ride. Anyway, we managed to get on it at dusk. Whoa, CYLON was good. Two loops and a corkscrew plus you go through mist. I think what made the ride good was the suspended seats. Your body moves more with inertia so you get more of the thrill.

The best part was while I was putting my hands up all through the coaster rides, Sis and Jie Yu were huddling, screaming, or closing their eyes. The only times I closed my eyes on a coaster ride was the Thunder Dolphin at Tokyo Dome and The Boss at Six Flags St. Louis. Those were the only two that gave me the “heart in my mouth” and free-falling feelings. Not even Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Orlando gave me those feelings. Heh, some day I will try the coasters at Fuji-Q Highland…especially the new coaster, Takabisha. Oh, but I’ve digressed. Anyway, I think to best experience a coaster ride is to keep your eyes open to see where you’re going so you can really “go with the flow.”

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