You know how God tests your patience when you least expect it? God tests my patience via my phone. When I’m up and about, nobody calls/text messages. Just when I lie down hoping to get a snooze, someone has to call/message. My phone sits next to me on the bed plus I’m a light sleeper so I get awoken quite easily. And this goes on not just once throughout my sleep. I end up not getting the nice unbroken sleep that I want. *roar*

No, I can’t turn off my phone because somehow an important call comes in then (talk about coincidence). I just hope that callers will leave a message. I don’t care whether you’re calling to sell me something or want to offer me a job, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a message if I don’t answer the call. I didn’t pay $5 (in fact it’s $15…one time charge of $10 for registering the service) and record my own voice for nothing.

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