just give me a reason

For a minute, I thought of ONE OK ROCK’s “The Beginning” coz the opening lyrics are: “Just give me a reason to keep my heart beating.”

Nope, it’s this song by Pink. After watching the mtv for it and finding at least three other covers of the song, the chorus is stuck in my head now.


The first cover I watched (actually the first mtv I watched of the song) was by Kylee and Sam Tsui.


And then, I found out my favourite YouTube artiste, Megan Nicole, did a cover of the song with Jason Chen.


And then, I found Tiffany Alvord (another YouTube artiste) did a cover too with Trevor.  She sang a song with Megan Nicole before. Her facial expression and the way her mouth moves when she pronounces words while singing reminds me of Mandy Moore.


There probably are a lot more covers out there, but just basing on these three…the verdict? I think Kylee and Sam Tsui wins. Both have rather strong vocals. Megan Nicole is ok, but Jason Chen sounds a tad too whiny. Not saying he isn’t a good singer, but just not that great for this song.

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