confidence and j-clothing

Omg…I just discovered this really cool shop in Plaza Singapura called JRunway. I haven’t been to the physical store but I just checked out their website and they carry clothing by Putumayo! A part of that brand carries lolita fashion. I actually have two lolita blouses from that brand. Gotta check out the physical store coz I also found out that they are having a sale and selected pieces are going cheap. Woohoo!

Speaking of Japanese style clothing, I’m not one to say that I’m totally into it but I do like the style. How shall I put it? I’m not confident about my looks and I definitely don’t spend time dolling myself up just to achieve a certain look. That reminds me of what a friend said on Facebook this morning. My friend, Jo is on the plump side and she totally adores Disney princesses (especially Ariel). She said that this lady once said something really mean to her. Something to do with her size and whether she would be successful in reaching her dream of working in Disney as a Disney princess. That was downright rude and mean. Jo might be plump but I totally dig her confidence. By the way, she does makeup so well too.

I told her that she is one of those in J-Net that gave me the courage to stand on stage and take part in the J-Net fashion show. For once, I did not feel like anyone was judging me based on my looks or the clothes I wore. I could be me. Thank you Jo. You’re a great inspiration!


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