train fault

Life has a great way of screwing around with you when you least expect it to. The day when I decide to take the MRT home instead of a cab after working late, I get not one but two…TWO freakin’ train delays due to “train faults”. Haha, now I don’t even know whether the train fault is real or just an excuse to kick people out of the train for whatever reason. The first one was on the circle line. Stopped for a couple of minutes, but I couldn’t care two hoots coz I was having a nice snooze. The second one was on the East-West line. This time I was freakin’ tired and hungry and just wanted to get home quick so I lost my patience and was already silently cursing SMRT. Everyone got booted out of the train. Luckily I had a straight bus home from Kembangan station else I would have bombarded SMRT’s twitter account with an angry tirade of hate messages.

The question is, why are we experiencing so many train faults now? Is it coz the trains are old? Or is it the tracks that are old? I don’t care which one is old, SMRT had better get their act together and make sure the tracks and trains are serviced regularly so that the number of train faults are kept to a minimum. Better still, never happen until a couple years down the road.

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