struggles of an international student in USA

I would have reposted this on Facebook but I have too many comments to make. Lol.

27 Struggles Every International Student at an American College Knows Too Well

My comments:
#1: I don’t really get jet lagged coz I hardly sleep on the plane.
#2: When I entered college, I was past 21 which made me legal to drink in both countries. I don’t drink anyway.
#3: Yes, in my case it was which group to tag along for a Thanksgiving trip or stay back
#4: No comment, but I must say that clothing from Aeropostale and American Eagle were cheap (compared to when they opened stores in Singapore).
#5: Yup, I still remember some kid in my rhetoric class edited my paper — circled ‘learnt’ and said that word doesn’t exist.
#6: Didn’t have that problem.
#7: Oh yes. The omelette at this pancake place my aunt took me to, could feed at least two people. That said, I put on weight when I completed my four years of college. Enough said.
#8: I remember talking to Wen about this. It’s different talking to people from Asia and Americans. It’s the way we were brought up and what we’re familiar with.
#9: In my case, my parents were too busy fussing around my grandpa. It got quite frustrating at one point when I was talking to my mum and she was just not really listening at all.
#10: Didn’t have that problem.
#11: Didn’t have that problem, but I did have to adopt the way Americans spoke coz they seemed to have trouble understanding the English that came out of my mouth when I spoke normally.
#12: Haha, this is too true. I missed my Myojo Big Prawn Noodles and Nong Shim Claypot Ramyun so much that I asked my mum to ship some to me. KS missed Ayam brand Chilli Tuna. By the way, the instant noodles in the US is crap. Every flavour of Maruchan tasted the same. The only decent cup noodle was the spicy Nong Shim cup.
#13: Didn’t have that problem.
#14: Yes.
#15: I did not maniacally scramble to the International Students’ office to get my I-20 signed before I returned home for the summer, but I remember the hassle of getting it signed anyway.
#16: Didn’t have that problem.
#17: Didn’t have that problem coz I could switch. Anyone who comes home with a weird accent after just one to four years abroad is trying to show off. It’s true.
#18: Didn’t have that problem.
#19: Huh? What’s that?
#20: Didn’t have that problem coz I wasn’t seeking a job there and Illini Media is a mostly student-run organisation.
#21: Nope.
#22: Not really. Holidays are good coz that means no school.
#23: Didn’t use those then so had no such problems I did have a problem of wanting to call someone back home but couldn’t coz of the time difference.
#24: OMG. YES. I’ve to deal with: “Singapore is part of China right?” and that my native language is not English. Sure, Singapore’s national language is not English, but I can safely say that we’re the only Asian country that uses English as our first language and main language of instruction.
#25: How many times have I heard “all Asians look alike”? I am going to roll my eyes at the next person who says this in front of me.
#26: Not really, but I did feel a tinge of sadness when I had to leave. Left behind my good friends Christina, Stephanie, Wen, Owen and Prof. Vargas.
#27: Didn’t have that problem.

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