Another kyaa-ing post. I have discovered that such anime are usually part of an otome game or visual novel’s franchise. Yes, these anime usually have rather weak storylines but have characters that make you go all doki doki. In Amnesia, the main character (her name is not mentioned at all) loses her memory after an accident and she interacts with the different guys to recover her memory. However, a mishap (whether fatal or not) always happens and she is transported back to 1 August and a different world each time. In each world, she is romantically linked to each guy.

The guys represent each suit in a deck of cards.

Heart — Shin
Diamond — Toma
Spade — Ikki
Club — Kent
Joker — Ukyo

Unlike other anime, this one presents the unpleasant qualities of each guy so it’s really hard to rank them. But if I really had to, here’s the way I’ll rank them.

Oh gawd. It was a toss up between Shin and Toma. I would have put Toma as first but the OVA spoilt it. Shin has a rather strong character that can make him seem rather forceful, but he is also very perceptive and straightforward. He’s the kind of person where you can’t hide your feelings. If you’re unhappy about something, he is able to sense it and will not hesitate to ask you about it. To other people who don’t know him well, he might seem a little cold, brooding and abrasive, but it seems to stem from his own troubled past where it makes him a little insecure?

Very big brotherly and loving. He seems to be a lot fun to be around with, but perhaps due to his big brother character, he can become overprotective. When this happens, he will go to the extreme just to protect someone (as seen when he drugged the main character and caged her up so she would be safe from Ikki’s crazed fans).

The perfect prince type. Very polite and knows how to treat a lady well. He knows that his mesmerising eyes are the cause of his problems but he still uses them anyway. It’s like “if you can’t fight them, then join them”. He only reveals his true self and falls in love with the main character after he realises his eyes have no effect on her. Only down side is his stupid crazed fan club that will go to all lengths to prevent any girl from forming an actual relationship with him. Too scary.

Although I like guys with brains, this guy is just too nerd to the point he doesn’t know how to be romantic! His idea of spending more time with his girlfriend is to ask her to hang out in his office while he works on his research paper. *horror* But well, he tries…

Good Ukyo is nice and I would definitely have placed him before Ikki but he has split personality disorder. His other personality is evil and psychotic. Enough said.

I read that the anime wasn’t well received and I would agree to an extent that this anime was lousy coz the story felt like it was tossed around. But like I said, such anime only exist for girls to kyaa over the characters. They usually do not have a good storyline.

PS: I didn’t do a kyaa post for Diabolik Lovers coz the characters are too psychotic… *shudder*

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